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Are you looking for a way to express yourself a little more personally? Why not do so with custom, unique, and beautiful cards! I work with you to tailor your card to fit your theme, the recipient, and anything else you want to add.

Two easy steps!

      1. Contact me

      2. Tell me:

                     ~ the occasion

                    ~ a couple of colours the recipient prefers

                    ~ a word or two to describe the recipient (vintage, diva, preppy, etc.)

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Instead of another expected e-card or text for that special occasion, why not be different in this day and age and show your sentiments with paper!

Some of my work with the back stories can be found in the blog, but check out the portfolio for some ideas.
You can also purchase from me via https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/CardsbyJD" target="_blank">etsy, but the prices are just a bit higher there because of the overhead! 
*You can always message me through here and tell me what you saw on etsy and I will give you a quote through this site. 

Cards usually take two weeks, which includes time for the post. Cards usually start at $5 each plus any needed postage.
Prices are subject to change.

 cardsbyjd @ gmail.com

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