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Welcome 2015!

Posted by JD on January 4, 2015 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy New Year! 

It's been quite awhile since my last post. Things have really picked up the latter part of the year! 

Did you make any resolutions this year? 
I have made a couple, hopefully will be able to stick to them throughout the year! 

1) Write at least 2 posts a month. At least one of the two posts will feature a card made with its story and how to. 

2) Maybe partake in a show! Let's see how things work with that! 

Although the postings will slow down here, you can keep more up-to-date with my https://twitter.com/Cardsby_JD" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">twitter or instagram

I guess it's off to the gym now! ;)

Blue and Yellow wedding card

Posted by JD on September 23, 2014 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

This wedding card was for a beautiful couple that got married in Vancouver. The wedding was much more intimate as I think the guest list hit 100 people only including the wait staff, photographer, and coordinator. 

The card was again inspired by the couple's invitation. I pictured that the couple would go a bit country chic, so I decided to substitute the solid yellow with a checkered washi tape. I also added a bit of flare with a faded flourish stamp. 


The food was delicious and the venue was beautiful. The weather held, and the rain stayed away. The groom showed off his ring, and the two newly weds were perfectly lovey-dovey. The favours were homemade jam that the mother of the bride made herself. I was surprised and pleased that their favours were covered with a checkered yellow cloth! What a very fitting detail to tie the wedding card and their personal wedding touches together! 



Toronto Maple Leafs mini fan!

Posted by JD on September 14, 2014 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Another baby is on the way! 

As the parents are huge Leafs fans, their little one is bound to be one as well. Mom and dad didn't find out the sex of the baby, so this card was a bit more difficult to do to make it gender neutral. 

I used the same monkey idea as I did for a previous monkey baby shower card. Instead of an Ottawa Sens Jersey, I made, of course, a Toronto Maple leafs jersey. I decided to include two bows. One to make it a bit more girly, and then one to make it definitely for a baby boy. 


Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to take a photo of the inside of the card, but I made it accordian style so that all of the coworkers of the expecting mom has room to sign. Oh well! Next time there will be a photo. 


A pink loving bride!

Posted by JD on September 6, 2014 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Another happy wedding! 

The bride initially consulted with me on how she should do her wedding invitations. I told her that of course, DIY is usually a big cost saving move, and I would be happy to give any pointers she may want. The bride told me that she loves pink - well... I already knew she loves pink -  the bride wanted her theme to BE pink. 

Now there is nothing wrong with the colour pink, but I have seen weddings where the pink is over powering and although the wedding is a very feminine occasion, you don't want to completely emasculate the groom either. I advised that a softer pink and maybe paired with white or grey/silver would work well. Also, the right amount of bling will fancy her invitation, instead of making it diva like. I also added that too much bling could make an invitation too thick, which would mean more postage. I couldn't wait for her invitation. 

As you may have seen on instagram already, her invitations came as a pocketfold on one side and the actual invitation on the other. Very wise on using front and back, not having an invitation too thick so there isn't extra postage. (You can always double check with the thickness by sliding your envelope/card through the slot of your cutter. If it slides easily through, you should be good to go! Canada post has a thickness allowance of 5cm.) 

Anyway - back to the invitation. The white on pink and the embossed double happiness created a great touch. 

As usual, I decided to make the wedding card after the invitation. I mean, usually the bride is really happy with their invitation, so making something inspired by their inviation is a safe bet. 

I decided to stick with something soft and added the light grey detail. Then I embossed my freehand written double happiness and add their monogram for a final touch. The bride also likes the small cute touches (like the jeweled heart on her invitation), so I added some cute sparkly hearts for their card! 

As money talks - the inside of the card is once again a pocket for the moola! 

You both looked absolutely stunning! 

Last order! #chattergupta Part 3

Posted by JD on September 3, 2014 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

A final card for the lovely bride and groom of the #chattergupta wedding! 

To honour the bride being Bengali and to welcome in the Punjabi groom to the Bengali side, I decided to stick a Bengali themed Indian card. 

Bengali weddings usually have the bride and groom wear white head wear. Charisse took a great photo of the bride and groom here during their ceremony.

I decided to incorporate their head wear and their traditional red and white garlands onto the cover by emobssing the details. And for the wedding ceremony, red, white and gold are the dominant colours, which are incorporated into this card as well. 


 Again, I used the inverted window box. 

To a lifelong adventure of happiness and love to these two love birds! 

Sari's, Lengha Choli, Royal blue #chattergupta Part 2

Posted by JD on September 1, 2014 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (0)

I have discovered that I want to make Sari inspired cards... all the time.

Days leading up to the wedding, I was fortunate for a lesson in Sari's and more as I looked for my own to wear. I always new that the sari's are beautiful, but with a new appreciation and in the range of beauty each cloth comes in is something else.

I was thinking about what to do for this set of cards (one for myself to give and one ordered). I thought immediately about doing a mendhi style card, with the intricate designs along the front of the card in brown. As I was studying the different mendhi patterns, they were all so different and they seemed to reflect the individuality of the bride and the artist. This bride couldn't have a copy of someone else's mendhi! 

As I let a few days go by, and stewed on patterns, colours, and what to do, the bride's brother happened to email me (and the rest of the guests from Toronto) about doing a something super personalized - a choreographed dance for the Sangeet.  From that email, I knew the bride's brother, or Man of Honour, cared about his baby sister deeply and would help me out with my card endeavour! 

I got a few photos of what the bride was going to wear for her reception. Jack pot! The Lengha Choli was absolutely gorgeous. The Man of Hour even sent me close ups of the top and the bottom, all without the bride suspecting anything. 

I decided that embossing and lots of glitter would be the method to all my madness and to make a two part card. One card will show more of the top and the scarf. The second card would then show the skirt and a bit of the top and the scarf that would continue from the first card. 


I used both glitter glue, glue and loose glitter, and embossing powder. 
I deconstructed the lengha choli into pieces and decorated each piece accordingly. Each piece had it's own embossing or glitter added, and then was assembled on to the card. It was easier to hand draw each pattern so that I have exactly which pattern I wanted. 

The final product:



And of coures the inside of both cards has the inverted window box where $$ is easily stored and given to the bride and groom! 

Follow the adventures we had through Charisse's blog. She took amazing photographs! 

Last fling before the ring! #gcbach #chatergupta Part 1

Posted by JD on August 30, 2014 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

This Summer has been BUSY! Just got back from vacation and had some time to catch up with the card orders. 
If you have been following on instagram - you can see what I have been up to!  There will be posts the next few days and week to catch up! 


It's been a pleasure to be on the card making end for this special bride's journey into marriage. The next few posts will be a series of the cards made to fit her personality, her wedding theme, and to match her beauty! 

It all started with lots of fun in NYC for her last fling before the ring! 

For a diva at heart, a bachelorette card was needed to celebrate their weekend in style. Their destination was in NYC with their alter egos, filled with dancing, booze, dancing, booze, dancing, and fun! 

I was told the bride-to-be was going to be wearing a silver-glittery number and she was going to be accompanied by thirteen of her dearest friends. I had the vision of the card in mind. Kind of a take on the movie The Bridesmaids and it's movie poster... I decided to have bride-to-be and her girls flanking her as an entourage. I'm sure that's how they walked when they were in NYC. The posse was told to wear white. With women coming in all shapes and sizes - the ladies were in all sizes. The bride-to-be is also Bengali, so she got more tanned legs - although I know she is "pretty fair for a brown girl". I made her entourage multi-raced as well! 

Report is that the bride-to-be loved the card! Some of her friends and herself was really surprised as to how well I got the details! 

Turning one!

Posted by JD on July 31, 2014 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Two cards needed for a little boy who turned one! 

A simple personalized, masculine birthday card.

Then a simple birthday year cut out was for the other card order.

I will definitely be making future cards with their age!